CTM Festival

Festival for Adventurous Music and Art

Founded in 1999, CTM is a prominent international festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, as well as the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of sound and club cultures. The festival's aim is to present the most outstanding international productions in adventurous, experimental and electronic music and audiovisual performance, as well as to reflect on recent artistic, social and technical developments in music culture.

The yearly festival pairs 10 days of concerts, club nights and performances together with a vast daytime programme of talks, screenings, workshops, networking events, installations and exhibitions spread over some of Berlin's most exciting cultural and nightlife venues: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berghain, Astra, YAAM, Heimathafen Neukölln, SchwuZ and Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien could among the many locations visited in recent editions.

Since its inception, CTM has taken place concurrently and cooperatively with transmediale/festival, Berlin. Together the two parallel festivals comprise one of the most comprehensive and relevant occasions in the world for yearly reflection on digital culture, attracting a broad and diverse public and offering artists, producers, agents and curators a lively platform for informed, thoughtful debate and networking opportunities.

Both festivals do much more than simply present new trends and developments. In their role as partners to the artists, as participants in on-going contemporary discourse, as active network facilitators, information resources, research bodies and disseminators of innovative work, they also make a vital contribution to the further development of critical, innovative music and media cultures.

CTM Festival is an independent project and organized by DISK Berlin. Next to the annual festival DISK and the affiliated DISK Agency produce and curate events and projects during the year, both in Berlin and abroad. DISK is a founding member of the ICAS network.




»One of the world's leading experimental music festivals«

– Crack Magazine, INT

»Ahead of its time«

– Trax, FR

»CTM is more than a festival—it's a frothing petri dish of musical ideas, in equal measure entertaining and enlightening, for the artists as well as the audience.«

– Resident Advisor, INT

»CTM excels above other festivals: not because it sidelines traditional festival hedonism in favour of discourse but because it has found the empathetic balance between the two«

– The Quietus, UK

»Transformative, inclusive and celebratory«

– Crack Magazine, INT

»One of those festivals that provides a chance to encounter unique experiences«

– Les Inrockuptibles, FR

»The mount Olympus of adventure and experimentation«

– Kindamuziek, NL



Project Proposals / Demos / Ideas
Please note that due to the amount of proposals send to us we will only be able to respond to those that we are seriously interested in.

Oliver Baurhenn
Artistic Director, Managing Director

Jan Rohlf
Artistic Director, Managing Director, Concert Programme
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Remco Schuurbiers
Artistic Director, Managing Director
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Michail Stangl
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Johanna Grabsch

Philip Gann
Festival Coordinator, Manager Administration and Finances
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Taica Replansky
Communications & EU Project Manager
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Lilli Maxine Ebert
Production Manager
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Zuri-Maria Daiß
Sponsorship Manager
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