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    In Hoyerswerda, in the Autumn of 1991, a mob of Neo-Nazis and other citizens attacked asylum seekers and former GDR contract workers from Vietnam and Mozambique over several days. Other violent racist attacks took place in Rostock, Mölln, and Sollingen between 1990 and 1993 resulting in many fatalities. See for example www.pogrom91.tumblr.com (last accessed November 2020).

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    Playlist by Rok / Tresor, published in Sven von Thülen and Felix Denk's Der Klang der Familie, compiled on YouTube by Philip Sherburne for Pitchfork (last accessed November 2020)

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    Bunz. M., »Der deutsche Wald in der Disko«, Telepolis, online 6. April 1999; (last accessed November 2020).