NON Worldwide pres: The Great Disappointment

HAU2, Hallesches Ufer 32, 10963 Berlin Map
Tickets: 20 / 16 € reduced


19:00 21:30

NON Worldwide with Ligia Lewis, Chino Amobi, nkisi, Angel-Ho, Embaci, DJ Lady Lane, Justin F. Kennedy, Jonathan Gonzalez and Efraim Ashbel

Co-produced and co-commissioned by CTM and HAU Hebbel am Ufer, this special three-night event premieres a new major performance piece by NON Worldwide titled "The Great Disappointment."

Founded by Chino Amobi, nkisi, and Angel-Ho, the NON collective, whose multifaceted, holistic campaign of critique has quickly achieved widespread recognition over its two years of existence, groups together artists and producers from Africa and the international African diaspora into an independent digital nation state. NON achieved rapid success in its short two years of existence due to its multifaceted campaign of critique through genre bending musical explorations that twist and re-imagine pop culture and its derivatives. Somewhere between variety show and spectacular abstraction, the vision of NON will meet the physical duress of Lewis’ powerful and energetic choreography in a hybrid live event co-produced with longtime CTM partner, HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

NON’s showcase at CTM 2017 will provide an opportunity to present some of the initiative’s protagonists, including acclaimed choreographer Ligia Lewis, Embaci, DJ Lady Lane, dancers Justin F. Kennedy and Jonathan Gonzalez, and artist/director Ariel Efraim Ashbel, alongside its founders in person (non-digitally) and using its full array of identifiers and exponents. The show employs nationalist rhetoric and celebrates the glory of the NON State through a vacillation between traditions. Club music will consistently interrupt the scripted performance.

Dedekind Cut, who was previously announced, will not participate in the project due to unforeseen circumstances.


 A commission and production by CTM Festival in co-production with HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin).


Chino Amobi[US]

Chino Amobi is a producer, visual artist, and co-founder of NON, a label and “digital nation state” uniting producers and DJs from Africa and the international African diaspora. After years of recording under the pseudonym Diamond Black Hearted Boy, he now releases his futuristic noise under his own name—a result of the desire to erase the “division between the sound and [him]self.”


Raised in Brooklyn but born on the internet, Embaci is an emerging singer-songwriter and a recent initiate into diasporic collective NON Records’ new world order. Labels step aside: Embaci's slim catalogue is built on neo-R&B and cloud-pop confections uploaded to SoundCloud and tagged with a shrug (#don't know). 


"Sensitive, schizophrenic cinematic cunt, hyper-visceral, a rebirth and unlearning, RIP white cis-heteronormativity, claustrophobic at times, expanding, kinetic, dimensional-healing, made by an opinionated brown non-binary queer": this is how Angelo Valerio, in an interview for Dazed, describes his music as Angel-Ho.


Spirits @ work: Nkisi is an ambassador of new world music and a co-founder of NON, the politically charged collective championing cutting-edge sounds from Africa and the African diaspora. Raised in Belgium and currently based in London, Melika Ngombe Kolongo has been dubbed "a synthesist of new hardcore sounds." 

DJ Lady Lane[US]

DJ Lady Lane is the alias of Brooklyn-based Rena Anakwe, an interdisciplinary artist working across graphic design, video and the performing arts who spins "everything you can bounce, shake or sway to." Anakwe holds an MFA from Pace University's Actors Studio Drama School program, where she studied drama and dramatics. 

Dedekind Cut[US]

The mathematical definition of a dedekind cut—the splitting of numbers real and rational—is nearly impossible to grasp. The mercurial producer and NON Worldwide affiliate who goes by that name is no different. Originally from Sacramento but now firmly enmeshed in the Brooklyn underground, the artist formerly known as Lee Bannon cut his teeth producing hip hop instrumentals for Joey Bada$$ before pivoting toward more transgressive sounds.

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