Northern Disco Lights

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21:00 22:30

Film clips and discussion with Ben Davis and Bjørn Torske
Hosted by Einar Eidsvåg

Starting with clips from the film "Northern Disco Lights" and a discussion with director Ben Davis and veteran producer Bjørn Torske, CTM 2017 will highlight the Norwegian Space Disco scene. This unlikely, sparkling cocktail of spacious, blissful sounds was precipitated by a small but tightly knit community of artists and friends seeking refuge in sonic love against often isolating, harsh conditions near the Polar Circle.

Northern Disco Lights tells the untold story of a group of teenagers in the arctic city of Tromsø, who set off a chain of events that would go on to transform their country. To escape the boredom of growing up in a remote outpost, they created their own music scene by setting up radio stations, parties, building synthesizers and making tunes. Word spread as like-minded souls recognised the call to arms and inspired a generation of kids who would go on to change dance music and Norway forever. The film took over 30 months to produce – the team travelled Europe to interview 67 contributors including Bryan Ferry, Bjørn Torske, Prins Thomas, DJ Strangefuit, Todd Terje, Nemone (BBC 6 Music), Mental Overdrive, Idjut Boys, Lindstrøm, Bill Brewster and many more.


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Bjørn Torske[NO]

An old-school visionary heads south for winter to treat us to some prime mixing. Nedi Myra, better known as Bjørn Torske, was born in 1971 in Trondheim and grew up in Norway’s techno capital, Tromsø. The Norwegian mastermind is known for his trademark form of experimental house music. 

Ben Davis[UK]

Ben Davis has been co-running Paper Recordings for over 20 years and makes music under a number of aliases including Flash Atkins. He can now add "film director" to his bio with Northern Disco Lights, his debut feature documentary which is co-produced by Paper Vision.

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