Tran Science

HAU1, Stresemannstr. 29, 10963 Berlin Map
Tickets: 20 / 15 € concessions


19:30 23:30

The Trans Science programme at CTM 2014 explores (re)created environments and experience through sound.

Multi-instrumentalist Kathy Alberici & analogue filmmaker Martha Jurksaitis present a "Sonic Portrait of the Funkhaus Nalepastraße", using a mixed-media approach to capture elements of history and ecology of the home of the former DDR National Broadcasting Corporation examining the acoustic, visual and atmospheric environments of the building. The project is one of two created as part of the Berlin Current Call for Works

The programme is also graced with the neo-classical experimental string chronicles of cellist Julia Kent, who uses looped and layered cello, electronics, and field recordings to explore the ecology of human relationships, technology, and the natural world. A frequent collaborator with Antony Hegarty, Kent's most recent album Character was recorded entirely alone and released via The Leaf Label in March 2013.

Finally, Soundwalk Collective will present the German premiere of "Killer Road", a sound exploration of the last day of Nico and a hypnotic meditation on the idea of the perpetual motion and the cycle of life and death. The composition features the unique voice of Patti Smith interpreting Nicoʼs last poems, the sound of Nico's harmonium, and a specially designed visual component by Lillevan.


Berlin Current is a collaborative initiative from CTM Festival, Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin, De: Bug, and BLN.FM, made possible by support from the Musicboard Berlin.


Julia Kent[CA]

Amidst the machine music of so many of its artists, CTM 2014 welcomes the neo-classical experimental string chronicles of cellist Julia Kent.


Lillevan is an animation, video and media artist who was born in Sweden, grew up in Ireland, studied film theory and politics, and now lives in Berlin.

Kathy Alberici & Martha Jurksaitis[UK/DE]

Kathy Alberici, a recipient of the Berlin Current creative commission, is a multi-instrumentalist and performer best known for her role in psychedelic doom group, Drum Eyes. Following intensive classical violin training throughout her childhood, Kathy launched into a chaotic journey through jazz and noise music that led her to the experimental underbelly of Brighton, UK, and more recently, Berlin.

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