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There’s something to be said for the shifting and personal nature of Tumblr. Never before has it been easier to share your desired aesthetic with a wide range of people—and to change the aesthetic of the whole thing at a whim. This ephemeral philosophy of Impermanence has also shaped the dance desires of a new generation: a party shouldn’t consist of single and similar genres, but a sea of varied sounds that create a similar vibe—and where else could Britney Spears a capellas fit so perfectly over Throbbing Gristle instrumentals?

A post-goth's wet dream, #gHashtag (pronounced GASH-tag) is PURGE’s "softer" sibling, a cross-genre/cross-dressing URL/IRL connection. The only party in town where you can hear a combination of R&B club, 90s grungepunk, trap, and gangsta shit combined with industrial-dance evil; Southern screw and NON too. The perfect solution for genre-nonspecific weirdos who want to hear everything that inspires them in one singular evening. Live remixes and reconceptualizations are the keywords, Top 40 through a glass darkly. “Don’t take your music genres and your subcultures so seriously” is what they mean to say, but also “Find new ways to love old sounds.”

In collaboration with Purge / #gHashtag. Some of this night's performance will be streamed live via Red Bull Music Academy Radio.



A lot of the most interesting things to happen in music last year happened on Diplo's Mad Decent label. ︻╦╤─ ƱZ ─╤╦︻, releasing on sub label Jeffree's was definitely on the top of that list. As one of the main inventors of trap, ︻╦╤─ ƱZ ─╤╦︻ makes nodding heads bang and gangsters lose their cool.

Mykki Blanco[US]

25-year old Michael David Quattlebaum created his Mykki Blanco persona one summer day when he stepped out into the streets of New York in head-to-toe drag for the first time ever.


Brooklyn’s Matthew Arkel (gallerist and curator) and Aaron Ross (producer and performer) segued their Gatekeeper project from horror pop in 2010 to digital phantasia in 2012. Their debut album, Exo, (Hippos in Tanks, 2012) is an interactive, HD, immersive, simulative play on late 90s club and commercial music.


BL4CK M4G1CKian, dev01ded daemon, and reliq skin-slammer, xorzyzt opens portals to unspeakable dimensions through audio-ecstatic rites of occult noise, blistering shamanic beats, and industrial-strength exorcism. There is only one Truth: Chaos is the order of the night!


A former member of enigmatic UK dubstep-esque Various Productions, EAN has resurfaced in 2012 on Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge as a formidable force in the dark undercurrent of the jungle resurgence, bubbling below the trap and dubstep wave which is set to grip our ears and asses in 2013 with an iron fist.

Tom Ass[SE]

Between the pop-cultural gutter and the subterranean stars. From underground teenage cheese to old masters of evil, noise and beats, Tom Ass’ sets are built on years of wading through subcultural marshes, in bands, as a DJ and as a journalist. Expect cartoon industrialism and dark grooves.

Half Girl / Half Sick[DE]

As one half of urban power house Sick Girls, Alexandra Droener has been challenging Berlin's techno monopoly and remapping the city's sonic infrastructure for a decade. Her sets consist of all things bass and future hip hop, and more than anything she will challenge you to get your ass on the floor.


Blood, sweat, rage and noise: BlackBlackGold vomits unfriendly sounds through a meat grinder and onto the dance floor. As the co-organiser of Drop Dead Festival and co-founder of Berlin collective UnReaL, BBG twists his anarcho-gothy roots amongst contemporary grime, blackened metal, and shattered industrial club sounds. Shards of queer noise and obscure experimental tracks, manipulated power tools, chopped hip-hop, DIY samples, and abrupt changes are some of his favorite devices. Feel-good music makes him feel bad—his is an unhappy house, and he's happy there. Hail Cheez-It.

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