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SoundCloud, YouTube, your artist site, Facebook artist page -- send a link or two that represents your work and personality.

What sort of skills would you bring to a collaborative environment? What can you share when you work with others? We're looking for a range of different skills - technical, musical, performative, and otherwise - so be specific! This doesn't have to be code or building; it could also be design, makeup, puppetry, singing, electrical engineering ... just to name a few, or other particular ideas and backgrounds you want to share with other people.

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What appeals to you about the theme; what might you want to work on relating to it, in collaboration with other participants? What have you missed in your own Berlin life that perhaps we can come together to find, or what might you like to share with others?

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The Hacklab is a time-intensive commitment. We can normally accommodate only very brief time conflicts; otherwise we need you there for the full day (noon - 19:00) each date.