CTM 2019 Radio Lab

Call for Works

Since 2014, the CTM Radio Lab has been commissioning new works that explore the intersection of radio with live performance or installation within the context of the festival’s yearly theme. The initiative is led by CTM Festival and Deutschlandradio Kultur – Radio Art / Klangkunst in collaboration with Goethe-Institut, ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst, Ö1 Kunstradio, and The Wire magazine.

The call is open to artists worldwide and relevant to fields of experimental music, sound art, radio art, new radio drama, and performance. The commissioned works will premiere in the form of an installation or live performance at CTM 2019 Festival in Berlin (25 January – 3 February 2019), and will be subsequently broadcast in Deutschlandfunk Kultur’s Klangkunst programme in spring 2019 in the form of a 40–55 minute radio show. The Österreichischer Rundfunk (Austrian Broadcasting Service) will also present the works via one or more of its platforms: the Ö1 Zeit-Ton or Ö1 Radiokunst – Kunstradio radio shows, and/or the ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst festival in Graz (autumn 2019).

Projects must clearly explore the potentials of combining radio and live performance / installation; proposals that simply mention the creation of a radio version following a live showing will not be given priority. Projects must equally respond to CTM 2019’s Persistence theme in order to be eligible.

The selected works will each be awarded a 5000€ honorarium. Staging and certain production costs will also be covered, upon discussion with the organisers.

Schedule and Deadline

  • Deadline for submission: 9 September 2018
  • Winners notified: End of September 2018 
  • Production phase: October 2018 – January 2019
  • Performance at CTM 2019 Festival: 25 January – 3 February 2019
  • Deutschlandfunk Kultur – Klangkunst radio broadcast: Spring 2019
  • Presentation via ORF: Autumn 2019


The international jury will be comprised of five persons from various backgrounds (artists, curators, journalists) and will be disclosed together with the results.


The selected work will be supported by a production budget/fee of EUR 5000. Technical/staging costs for CTM and possible ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst festival performances will be covered additionally, as will travel expenses to Berlin and lodging during the residency and festival period.

Deutschlandfunk Kultur and CTM Festival will provide support, counselling, and general assistance during the production of the work.

Application Form

To access the application form sheet, please follow this link go to the main (non-mobile) version of this webpage.

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Deutschlandfunk Kultur – Radio Art / Klangkunst

The weekly "Klangkunst" ("Sound Art") broadcast (formerly "Hörspiel Werkstatt") was launched in January 1995 by Deutschlandfunk Kultur, German National Radio’s cultural programme. The broadcast was established to extend the formal possibilities of radio play, to experiment with new genres, and to introduce listeners to outstanding examples of international sound art. The programme covers the entire range of new radio art, from experimental sound play to poetry, text-sound collages, soundscapes, multilingual compositions, and electronic and digital radio performances. International networking and exchange among international radio artists are critical dimensions of the programme. Klangkunst is understood as a laboratory for testing the widest possible range of sounds. The programme draws from the varied motifs of diverse sonic environments, creating new amalgams of sound dramaturgy, narrative structures, compositional arcs, and characteristics of radio as a medium. Klangkunst is a member of the Ars Acustica group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music & Art

CTM is the leading festival for innovative pop, electronic, and experimental music in Germany. With a mix of concerts and club events, the festival has implemented programming at numerous bastions of Berlin nightlife and culture, and presents internationally renowned artists alongside exhibitions, talks, film screenings, and workshops. International, intensely networked, and always in close contact with artists, professionals, and the public, CTM’s year-round activities make critical contributions to a vibrant and artistically innovative music culture. Extending beyond the conventional parameters of a music festival, CTM is a platform for thinking about music, its social relevance, and the conditions from which it emerges. As a partner to Berlin’s concurrent international festival for art and digital culture broadcasting, transmediale, CTM is resonant and relevant entity across all creative tropes.

Ö1 Radiokunst – Kunstradio

Ö1 Radiokunst – Kunstradio has dedicated itself to experimental radio art since 1987. The show has featured many artistic projects which crosslink radio with tangible, intangible, and public spaces, giving artists an entry point and platform for public radio production and broadcasting.

ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst

ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst is Austria’s festival platform for contemporary and experimental music. Functioning as a kind of laboratory, musikprotokoll invites the audience to embark on an exploratory journey to discover the latest developments and trends in music, with all the artistic risks that this entails. From orchestral music with the ORF Radio Symphonieorchester Wien to chamber music, from live performances to sound installations, musikprotokoll highlights a wide range of intriguingly heterogeneous forms and genres and presents works that are for the most part developed and produced specifically for the festival.

Founded by Emil Breisach in 1968, musikprotokoll is organised annually by ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation). It is a co-production of the ORF’s two stations, Radio Österreich 1 (Ö1) and Radio Steiermark, which broadcast presented works in cooperation with the steirischer herbst festival.