The Impact of Migration on Cultural Policy and Funding

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Talk by Federico Zonno. Hosted by Sarah Joy Lynch.

The development of art and cultural practices is closely intertwined with current events as well as the uneven changes of human sensibility and thought. Similarly, cultural arts policies must adapt and respond appropriately to present changes in society, in order to foster a relevant dialogue between diverse communities. Only through continuous evolution and understanding can art and culture bring individuals together, overcoming the barriers and walls that might divide European society.

In this paper, I will discuss the impact of immigration on European Cultural Policies, and how changes in policy reflect a shift in focus regarding art and cultural projects. I will also elaborate on how policy has been translated into cultural programming. This analysis also considers the shifting financial objectives and programmes that have interested creative industries in Europe. Through the analysis of two policy documents –  the 2007 European Agenda for Culture and the follow-up New European Agenda for Culture, published in 2018 – this paper discusses how a shared European identity can arise through the perseverance of contamination and fluidity from encounters with extra-European identities.


Federico Zonno[IT]

Federico Zonno is a first year student of the Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts (GIOCA) Masters programme at the University of Bologna. Federico holds a BA in Comparative Literature and Film Studies from King’s College London. He is the founder of MUNDI, a multidisciplinary and multicultural Festival, held in a Norman Castle in the South of Italy, and has professional experience in the field of cultural diplomacy and arts management.

Sarah Joy Lynch[US/DE]

Sarah Joy Lynch—a Texan based in Berlin—is a social entrepreneur focused on community building, communications, and music. As a music lover, she’s played the role of DJ, radio host, promoter, publicity director, critic and (most importantly) fan. Studies in journalism and internet law somehow led to a career spanning technology, education, human resources, and events management, with many odd jobs in-between.

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