Blockchain My Art

Kunstquartier Projektraum, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin Map
Tickets: Free entrance


16:30 17:00

Presentation by Maxime Faget. Hosted by Sarah Joy Lynch.

Venues and events are gradually moving towards cashless payment methods, which may offer certain affordances and benefits that are often overlooked. Could changes in payment infrastructure help foster trust, transparency, and agency at cultural events? With initial applications at SeaNaps, Les siestes électroniques, and TodaysArt, Blockchain My Art posits a payment solution for festivals and events.

“The music circuit is still too opaque: artists or cultural workers struggle to make a living, although audiences have never consumed as much cultural material as today. Money is spent and not always received.” Addressing such questions asked throughout the music ecosystem, Maxime Faget presents Blockchain My Art as a means of countering these challenges.


Maxime Faget[FR/DE]

Maxime Faget is co-founder and director of the SeaNaps Festival, an event dedicated to curious music and ideas held in Leipzig, Germany. In September 2017, SeaNaps launched its own, self-made, cashless payment system based on blockchain technologies. 

Sarah Joy Lynch[US/DE]

Sarah Joy Lynch—a Texan based in Berlin—is a social entrepreneur focused on community building, communications, and music. As a music lover, she’s played the role of DJ, radio host, promoter, publicity director, critic and (most importantly) fan. Studies in journalism and internet law somehow led to a career spanning technology, education, human resources, and events management, with many odd jobs in-between.

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