Native Sketches

YAAM III, An der Schillingbrücke, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 18 € (includes YAAM I & YAAM III)


23:00 07:00

23:00 Neven b2b Akuipuss
Soda Plains
00:45 NUXXE showcase feat. Coucou Chloe + Sega Bodega + Shygirl
02:30 Ivy Lab
04:00 Ikonika

Long-term partners Native Instruments have joined us in curating a floor on Saturday night at YAAM. All are London-based and involved in a tightly woven scene that is rapidly redefining the city’s dance music climate.

Key Hyperdub artist and Nightslugs affiliate Ikonika releases tough, pummeling club tracks that twist dubstep roots into the realms of boogie, electro, Latin freestyle, and R&B.

London scene lynchpin Soda Plains occupies a sweet spot between forward-thinking grime, Lisbon ghetto sounds, and dembow, creating deft, playful dance tracks that offer a birds-eye view of newest trends in culturally conscious club styles.

Paris-bred producer coucou chloe can credit a dark aesthetic with chilling vocals, metallic chain samples, and driving drum arrangements for her recent meteoric ascent. Her new EP, Erika Jane, was released by label and collective NUXXE and features producers Sega Bodega and KABLAM. The catchy emo dancefloor ballads of Crazylegs signee and fellow NUXXE member Sega Bodega boast an affinity for avant-garde film scores; listen and you’ll start to envision starship races in apocalyptic landscapes. Frequent Sega Bodega and coucou chloe collaborator Shygirl is a vocalist and DJ perhaps best known for the Bodega-produced single, "Want More."

Ivy Lab, a collaboration between producers Sabre, Stray, and Halogenix, are the latest addition to the programme. They have attracted a massive fan base with their forward-thinking drum&bass productions.



Hyperdub signee and Night Slugs affiliate Ikonika is a vibrant producer and DJ in the bass-heavy realms of dance music.

Ivy Lab[UK]

North London trio Ivy Lab were brought together out of a shared enthusiasm for experimentations on the fringes of the Drum’n’Bass scene. Several years on from that initial coming together, the collective have earned a place in “Thetop 10 DJ’s of 2015” (Mixmag) and propagated a new generation of sub-genres housed within the framework of their 20/20 LDN night and label.


London-based Shygirl is a DJ, vocalist, and frequent collaborator of Sega Bodega and coucou chloe.

Soda Plains[UK]

Soda Plains is Alexis Chan, a Berlin-based producer and DJ whose debut album, In Tongues, was released in 2017. His first proper release, Rushes, is billed by issuing label Black Ocean as "dance music stripped of any territorial markers: trans-everything garage, global funky, pan-club, decentralized grime".

Sega Bodega[UK]

Sega Bodega is a versatile London-based producer and DJ. He has worked together with Coucou Chloe as Y1640 and with vocalist Shygirl. He is part of the forward-thinking experimental collective NUXXE.

coucou chloe[UK]

coucou chloe is a London-based, Paris-bred producer whose ascent in the past year has been meteoric and well-deserved.

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