Transcend the Turmoil

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23:59 07:30

23:59 Florence To & John Connell – NOQTURNL

NOQTURNL is an overnight performance exploring the threshold between waking and dreaming. In collaboration with MONOM Berlin, the Spatial Sound Institute, and CTM 2018, creators To and Connell immerse participants in a spatial field of sound and light designed to open access to the hyper­lucid: the imaginative and highly receptive state of intelligence available within the dreaming mind.

A counter­balance to our increasingly dysfunctional and disingenuous information environments, the hyper­lucid remains one of the last remaining spaces in which we can intuitively decipher the symbolism within external narratives and their impact on the psyche­ and reflect on new directions and possibilities, both psychologically and socially. Working with MONOM’s 4DSOUND system, NOQTURNL plays with the boundaries of our depth and proximity perception, inviting participants to uncover alternative spatial realities and their potential for conscious awareness.

Limited to 70 people, NOQTURNL is a durational performance lasting seven hours. Beds and blankets are provided, warm clothing and sleeping bags are recommended for comfort. To avoid disturbing the other guests, entrance is not permitted after the event commences and no re­entry is possible during the night. A shared breakfast will be provided in the space after first light.


John Connell[UK]

John Connell is a Berlin-based composer and media theorist with a deep interest in the way technology and media can alter perception, affecting the formation of our personal and social constructs both positively and adversely. His central focus is listening as a practice in itself: how our ability to listen opens up new levels of awareness about space, both the external and the internal, and the implications raised for art forms and social interactions.

Florence To[UK]

Florence To is an art director and artist. She has a background in tailoring and textiles but now works in the design and realisation of light and sound installations.

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