From Within

Konzertsaal der UdK, Hardenbergstr. / Ecke Fasanenstraße, 10623 Berlin Map
Tickets: 35 euro


20:00 23:30

Marko Nikodijevic and Robert Henke with Ensemble Intercontemporain

CTM Festival and Red Bull Music Festival co-present the German premiere of Serbian composer Marko Nikodijevic and German computer music artist Robert Henke’s composition for large ensemble, electronics, and LED light sculptures, titled "From Within." Co-commissioned by the Paris-based Ensemble intercontemporain and IRCAM, the piece incorporates wave field synthesis technology by IRCAM and a 48 loudspeaker array by d&b audiotechnik to construct a precise computer-generated environment. Drawing from contemporary influences, the project uses inventive technology to unify acoustic, visual and kinetic elements.

The 30-piece orchestra will be conducted by the music director of Ensemble intercontemporain, Matthias Pintscher, and will take place at UdK Konzertsaal.

Archaic and repetitive movements provoked by large tectonic shifts in structure take place alongside forces of contraction and expansion. Ephemeral, intimate moments suggesting a different and more static concept of time. The title refers to the core process of creativity: Bringing hidden ideas to the surface. It also evokes the picture of volcanic eruptions, of a strong force that has yet to be unleashed.

Electronic sounds and the rich world of acoustic instruments merge into one beautiful, inseparable, complete and monolithic unity. Technology allows to define a rich sonic universe, ranging from near infrasonic bass frequencies to crystalline microscopic glitches, executed dynamically and with precision, matching and interacting with the acoustic abundance created by some of the world’s most talented instrumentalists.

A LED sculpture created by Robert Henke is located above the ensemble, in front of and behind the iconic array of loudspeakers used to replicate the three-dimensional sound field. Light and movement are treated with the same amount of fine-grained detail and precision as the sonic part of the composition.

Marko Nikodijevic was born in 1980 in Subotica, Serbia, and ranks amongst Europe's leading contemporary music composers. His work shows a distinct interest in mathmatical and spectral compositzion techniques, and in combining acoustic instruments with digital sound.

Although perhaps best known for his peerless, timeless Monolake releases on Chain Reaction, Robert Henke is also widely renowned for the music, surround-sound performances, audiovisual installations, and sound art  he has been creating under his own name since the early nineties, and additionally as a co-creator of Ableton Live, a program that has redefined the electronic music industry.

Ensemble intercontemporain was founded in 1976 by composer Pierre Boulez and is the leading ensemble for contemporary music, with a special focus on works for ensemble and electronics, as well as an interest in projects that interweave music, dance, theater, film, video and visual arts.




Marko Nikodijevic & Robert Henke
Ensemble intercontemporain
Matthias Pintscher, conductor
Studio Robert Henke, programming of electronics
Thibaut Carpentier, IRCAM Scientific Advisor (Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces - STMS - CNRS)
Co-production Ensemble intercontemporain, IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Studio Robert Henke and d&b audiotechnik

Please note, that only bags with a size of A4 format (20cm x 30cm) can be taken to the event. There is a fee-based possibility to place baggage, larger than A4 format, in the cloakroom.

This event is part of the Red Bull Music Festival 2018 in Berlin.



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