Swan Meat


Swan Meat is poet, producer and composer Reba Fay, originally hailing from Washington D.C. Her visceral, raw sound is informed by her experiences with chronic illnesses such as body dysmorphia. Swan Meat’s debut EP, Bounty, explored her recovery from bulimia nervosa.

Fay has worked with artists including Yoshitaka Hikawa and DJ Heroin, and contributed music to compilations from TRENDY DECAY, Stoscha and Bala Club. Her collaboration with Hikawa, entitled KNIFE SPLITS ICE, was released through Apothecary Compositions in 2017. She has also collaborated with Estoc in a contribution to 2016’s Co-Op Compilation - a release that represented a call to action by a “group of producers standing in worldwide solidarity” to oppose various forms of oppression across the world. Swan Meat and Estoc were featured alongside artists such as M.E.S.H., Rui Ho and Umfang, among others.

The compilation signifies a new way of engaging with politics through music. Part of a generation of artists that have developed online through platforms such as Soundcloud, Fay’s sound encompasses a wide range of influences, stretching from borderline dancefloor-friendly moments to waves of harsher, noisy sonics, as well as eerie, processed vocals that never fail to unnerve. Her compositions tell of previous love affairs with the likes of Suicide and Sonic Youth, as well as Mozart and Pauline Oliveros.

Her take on composition, in concert with the particular way in which she wields language, makes for intense auditory experiences. Fay builds her own instruments and plug-ins in SuperCollider, Max and chucK, having developed her own way of working. In her own words: “Music [and] text have always been the only two things that matter.”


Swan Meat is supported by the 2018 SHAPE platform, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.