Nik Nowak


Nik Nowak "Booster 2.13", installation, 2013.

Born in Mainz and based in Berlin, Nik Nowak's sound objects combine the aesthetic qualities of sculpture with utility or functional objects, and explore urban or military phenomena at play in everyday life.

Nowak earned his undergraduate degree from the University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin in 2007, and studied under German conceptual artist Lothar ­Baumgarten, and is the recipient of several scholarships, including one for a sculpture course under Xiang Jing at Normal University in Shanghai, China. Among Nowak's notable recent projects is "Panzer" (tank), a sound system and armoured vehicle which was exhibited at CTM Festival in 2012. Other recent works include a diverse range of "Mobile Boosters" (portable, flexible sound systems developed in response to the increasing anonymity of life in virtual space) and "Echo," a sound installation with an anechoic chamber in which so-called "echo drones" interact with visitors, recording their speech and playing it back in different ways.  In 2014, he was awarded the GASAG Art Prize in cooperation with Berlinische Galerie, a prize honouring an artistic position at the interface of art, science, and technology.

An interview with Nowak, conducted by fellow Berlin-based artist Heimo Lattner, appears in the 2015 edition of CTM Magazine under the title "Ambivalent Sounds and Systems."