Anita Ackermann


Anita Ackermann "What We See, Sees Us," Installation, 2014. Photo by Florian Reimann.

"What We See, Sees us" deals with the relationship between the observer, the motion of the body and its relation to others in the surrounded space. A parabolic concentric mirror object occupies the center of the dark space from which sound appears from 4 different directions.

By connecting the light source to his/her body, the viewer becomes a co-choreographer of the work. As the body is in motion, the light moves over the surrounding, forming a kaleidoscopic vision that seems to move responsively. The viewer's participation creates a constantly-shifting experience; according to his/her location and movement, the viewer blurs the line between the physical occupation of space by an object and its ability to transform the surrounded space by the illumination of light.

On Friday 23.1. and Saturday 24.1., cellist Cosima Gehrhardt will create the installation's sound via a live solo cello performance. The installation's ongoing sound is created by Lucretia Dalt.

Anita Ackermann holds two degrees from the University of the Arts in Berlin, holding a special interest the perception and distortion of light and sound. Ackermann’s materials often include mirrors and other surfaces or tools that refract or bend light. She has been designing perceptually obscure installations and sculptures in Berlin, over the last several years.

Born 1984, the German­-Romanian artist mainly works in the field of sculpture and installation art in order to research three-dimensionality as well as light as a medium, in order to explore different ways to perceive time and space. Ackermann also often focuses on the viewer’s experience by actively incorporating the audience into her work.


HAU1, Wed 28.01.2015, 19:30

Lucrecia Dalt, Liima (Tatu Rönkkö & Efterklang)

Cello Performance by Cosima Gehrhardt

Fri 23.1. 19h – 21h

Sat 24.1. 16h - 18h