Nene H[TR/DE]

Nene H is the moniker of Istanbul-born artist Beste Aydin. Her background in piano and composition formed the foundation of her interest in music, though in a rebellious move she decided to pursue instead her interests in field recording, music concrète, and experimental electronic music.

The Nene H moniker itself is adopted from a Turkish folk heroine, Nene Hatun, who fought against Imperial Russia in the 19th century. Aydin chose this name for its ties to her home country, and for Hatun’s feminist legacy. Like many producers nowadays, the start of Aydin’s production career began with efforts to teach herself. Ever since, her work as Nene Hatun has grown consistently dark and sophisticated, enabled by her technical dexterity. This is all exemplified in Metacommunication, her 2017 release on Bedouin. It’s full of rough, grating textures, fragments of techno percussion, and a command of all things distorted.

Aydin participated in BCR’s Incubator project in 2016 and held a residency through Border Movement Radio in India. She has released music on labels like Beatbude and Bedouin Records. In 2017, she premiered a new project for Berlin Atonal, titled “Fountain of Fire”. She has contributed to London-based collective SIREN’s NTS show, and played in venues from Berlin’s Säule to Moscow’s Рабица.


Nene H is supported by the 2018 SHAPE platform, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


Panorama Bar, Fri 26.01.2018, 23:59

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