Dorine Mokha[CG]

Dorine Mokha is a dancer and choreographer born 1989 in Lumbubashi/Democratic Republic of Congo. His first solo piece, Entre deux..., was composed in 2013 and performed at the Connexion KIN Festival in Kinshasa. In 2014, he received a scholarship at Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart and worked with the South African dancer Désiré Davids and the Nicolas Mondon Trio. In 2015, he staged with the play Nzela ya Mayi with Franck Moka and Dinozord, which was performed at the Hebbel Theater in Berlin and at Theaterformen in Hannover. Since 2018, he has been a participant of the international co-production fund of the Goethe Institute.

Hymns of Tomorrow: Herkules von Lubumbashi

Kunstquartier Studio 1, Tue 29.01.2019, 15:30

Elia Rediger, Dorine Mokha, Eva-Maria Bertschy, Wolfgang Kaleck