Charlotte Bendiks[NO]

Norwegian Coméme family member and CTM 2016 alumna Charlotte Bendiks is a DJ, producer, and positive thinker. Her sets fuse classic house, disco, African groove, and Latin-inspired beats, depending on the day, but no matter what the permutation, they guarantee buckets of sweat and high doses of euphoria.

Charlotte Bendiks grew up in Tromsø, the techno capital of Norway, and became interested in electronic music at a young age. She started DJing in her early twenties. From 2007 to 2009, Charlotte organized the underground house party Moist, which combined music with video and light installations and extended for hours after normal clubs closed. She also produces her own dark, sensual house music and has collaborated with the people from Coma as well as with Coméme comrades Lena Willikens and Daniel Maloso. Her first solo release, the Afterhours EP, was put out in January 2013 by Trømso’s own LOVE OD Communications, which then went on to release 2014’s Aurora EP. The label described the latter EP as “dancefloor-focused productions of classic house minimalism, much like an echo of a Chicago that has been abandoned and moved to become a ghost town deep into the Arctic.”

In 2016 Charlotte Bendiks was supported by SHAPE, a platform co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The last couple of years have been rich and active for Bendiks: aside from appearances at festivals such as Insomnia and Todaysart, she has also played live sets and mixes at Boiler Room, Red Light Radio, and NTS. When she isn’t playing, working or crate-digging, Bendiks chooses to chill naked in a jacuzzi with a glass of Möet in each hand.


Panorama Bar, Fri 27.01.2017, 23:59

Front de Cadeaux, Charlotte Bendiks, Boska, Bjørn Torske, Diskjokke, Peggy Gou

Flows I

Panorama Bar, Fri 29.01.2016, 23:59

Charlotte Bendiks, André Bratten, HMOT, Buttechno b2b Low808, Rødhåd, Ateq