Bhakti Prasetyo[ID]

Bhakti Prasetyo is an improviser, bass player, and one of the key innovators behind the early noise scene in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

His band Melcyd was included in a compilation entitled Pekak! Indonesian Noise 1995-2015, released by the label Syrphe. He plays bass in the Yogyakarta-based group Zoo, and has worked with artists such as Arrington de Dionyso, Limbah Berbunyi, and Yngel.


HAU2, Sat 02.02.2019, 19:00

Andrea Neumann, Bhakti Prasetyo, Cheryl Ong, Kok Siew Wai, Marta Zapparoli, Raed Yassin, Ramberto Agozalie, Rully Shabara, Yuen Chee Wai

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