Andy Stott[UK]

Manchester-based Stott won acclaim for his brooding techno releases on Modern Love, in the mid 00s. He has since moved into murkier and less floor-oriented territory with his second full-length Luxury Problems (2012).

Stott debuted on Modern Love in 2005 with Replace, a deep, dancefloor friendly 12”. Replace was followed just a few months later by Ceramics, the first in a six part series of singles that also included contributions from Pendle Coven and Claro Intelecto. The BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs quickly picked up and championed Stott, granting him a full 40-minute slot on her show, The Breezeblock, soon after the release of Replace. Following the release of Ceramics, Stott became one of a select few to be invited back for a second session.

Stott (1979) grew up in Manchester and took piano lessons as a child. As teenager he stayed up late taping jungle shows from the radio, and later received tutelage in dub techno and bass music from his mates at Modern Love. He spent six years in a job repainting Mercs and was able to quit two weeks before the release of Luxury Problems, a critically-acclaimed album that features the vocals of Stott’s childhood piano teacher, operatically trained vocalist Alison Skidmore.

Stott has also produced a number of remixes as well as a breakbeat/juke-oriented dubstep project under the moniker Andrea – alongside MLZ/Pendle Coven’s Miles Whittaker as Millie – for Daphne, a Modern Love sublabel specifically set up for the project.

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