Sacred Horror in Design

Sote, Arash Bolouri, Behrouz Pashaei, Tarik Barri – 2017

In a new commission titled “Sacred Horror In Design,” Tehran-based electronic music composer Sote collaborates with performers Arash Bolouri (santoor) and Behrouz Pashaei (setar) on a project merging electronics with traditional Persian acoustic instruments for a "Persian techno apocalypse." The visuals are created by virtuoso Thom Yorke and Monolake collaborator Tarik Barri.

“Sacred Horror In Design" challenges familiar tropes of tonality and rhythm and rebuilds the unknown via polyrhythmic, polytempic and polymetric patterns. The project takes on the paradoxical task of preserving the beauty of tradition while bending and morphing existing patterns into unique shapes that may eventually become another form of folklore in the future. It melts and twists the proportions of reality both visually and aurally, resulting in a two-pronged movement united in its divergence. Nano particles build micro structures, which in turn construct macro networks in a mega system for a magical, textural multi-timbral environment.


"Sacred Horror in Design" by Sote, Arash Bolouri, Behrouz Pashaei and Tarik Barri is a commission by CTM Festival. The piece was premiered in February 2017 as part of a CTM x SET Festival showcase of current experimental music in Iran.