For the Red Right Hand

Rabih Beaini – 2016

Lebanese-born producer and DJ Rabih Beaini, known for his grainy techno as Morphosis, and subsequently gaining followers for his own increasinly experimental productions and excellently-curated Morphine label, premiered "For The Right Red Hand", a work especially composed for the CTM 2016 Opening Concert.

The work divides an ensemble of eight instrumentalists into two mirroring groups of trumpet (Liz Allbee, Mazen Kerbaj), guitar (Sam Shalabi, Sharif Sehnaoui), drums (Daniele De Santis, Tommaso Cappellato), and voice (Sofia Jernberg, Rully Shabara). Although identical in instrumentation, the two groups at times create opposing and conflicting counterpoints, tensions, and uneasy coexistence. Through barely audible tones, repetition, and extended techniques, this interplay of standpoints is punctuated and gradually enhanced by Beaini at the mixing desk, reaching a cohesive, open geography of human spirit.