1st Programme Announcement

CTM 2018 – First Wave of Confirmed Artists & Projects

CTM 2018 Turmoil explores the state of music and sound practice in the face of a confusing and critical present: What is the sound of turmoil? What are aesthetics of tumult? Which other sonic and musical responses could we conceive of to counter the current overload of agitation? As it inquires into these questions, this CTM edition also renews and strengthens a commitment to welcoming a wide range of artists and audiences with diverse backgrounds. Complementing performances by artists such as Amenra, Darkraver, DJ Panic, Medusa's Bed, Rashaad Newsome, and Swan Meat, CTM's daytime programme will once again feature a Discourse programme of talks, an exhibiton and installations, the MusicMakers Hacklab and Research networking day which both currently have open calls for participants, and more.  A limited amount of CTM 2018 early-bird passes are now on sale.

CTM 2018 Theme


Since its early days, CTM Festival has featured music and art that acts as a mirror for social and political conditions. Our 2018 theme, Turmoil, builds on the insights of 2017’s Fear Anger Love, and continues its inquiry into the potential of sound and music to invigorate resilience and awareness at a time when we have begun normalising the ongoing barrage of political, social and environmental crises and the resulting unsettling feelings that resonate through our on- and offline lives. CTM 2018 explores the state of music and sound practice in the face of a confusing and critical present: What is the sound of turmoil? What are aesthetics of tumult? What to do with such intensities? Which other sonic and musical responses could we conceive of to counter the current overload of agitation, anxiety and animosity?

Open Collaborative Laboratory

MusicMakers Hacklab

MusicMakers Hacklab is a weeklong open, collaborative laboratory hosted by Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music and invited artist/researcher Ioann Stacewicz. It allows practitioners from a range of disciplines to find new ways of exploring cross-cultural hybrids that imagine future topographies of sound and music performance.

Research Networking Day

The Research Networking Day (RND) is a yearly CTM Festival initiative co-organised by Humboldt University’s Department of Musicology. RND provides a platform to exchange ideas and experiences for students and researchers from different European graduate and postgraduate programmes traversing the fields of audio, arts, media, design and related theoretical disciplines. The presentation programme will be published before the holidays.

Connecting Radio Art & Performance

CTM 2018 Radio Lab

Returning for its fifth year, the CTM 2018 Radio Lab is dedicated to exploring the pairing of the specific artistic possibilities of radio with the potentials of live performance or installation. This year the Lab will present a new work by Ahmed El Ghazoly aka Zuli. The project is commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur – Hörspiel/Klangkunst and CTM Festival, in collaboration Ö1 Kunstradio and ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst. Media partner: The Wire.


Boem BOem

The impressive Halle am Berghain will be the site of “Boem Boem”, an immersive, playful installation by the young Dutch artist Philip Vermeulen. With the visceral acoustic instrument, the Physical Rhythm Machine (PRM), Vermeulen shoots balls at speeds of up to 150 km/h into large resonant boxes. Because the shots can be fired at precise intervals, the machine can generate intricate rhythmic patterns.


The Physical Mind

Today, it seems that the primary function of our bodies is to transport our brains from one digital interface to another. We are constantly reminded of our bodies’ quotidian needs, but we’ve become virtuosos at ignoring them, ever more acting in the service of our minds’ constant stimulation. Dutch photographer and video artist Teun Vonk creates works that directly feature and interact with his own body and the bodies of his viewers – and serve to confirm and celebrate our physical, local existence on this planet.

Citywide Partner Programme

Vorspiel 2018

Vorspiel is a citywide programme of events before and during the transmediale and CTM festivals. In 2018 it will see its 8th edition.

CTM Partner Festival

transmediale 2018 – face value

As in previous years, the CTM Festival will take place parallel to and in collaboration with the transmediale – festival for art and digital culture, which in 2018 will adopt the theme "Face Value". Read more about the 31st edition of transmediale here.

Special Project – Movement & Sound

Rashaad Newsome – FIVE Berlin

Over the course of the festival, HAU2 will act as a home base for an exploration of the crossroads between movement and sound. In “FIVE,” multidisciplinary American artist Rashaad Newsome will investigate African, European, and North-American roots of vogueing. Five dancers will be joined by five local musicians who imitate the dancers’ choreography through a mix of improvised and pre-composed material. Meanwhile, NY-based MC Princess Mami Precious and baritone opera singer Justin Austin will weave in vocal interjections throughout the entirety of the piece.

Special Production – Movement & Sound

Ernest Berk – The Complete Expressionist

On three consecutive nights at HAU2, a rich programme of performances and lectures will explore the life and legacy of choreographer, electronic music composer, improviser, dance therapist, and pedagogue Ernest Berk. Versatile Berlin choreographer Christoph Winkler will oversee the long-overdue reconstruction of Berk’s dance pieces and the performance of selected musical compositions as live tape concerts. Ten dancers, as well as Berlin-based experimental musicians groupA, Rashad Becker, and Pan Daijing will reinterpret various pieces from Berk’s extensive body of work, all of which explore the interplay between dance and music.