Frédérick A. Belzile


Oceti Sakowin Camp - Standing Rock, South Dakota, 2016.

"Eyes in the Sky"

Video, 2017

Oceti Sakowin Camp, Standing Rock, South Dakota – Summer and late Fall 2016. As members of diverse First Nations tribes met, gathered, and stood together to oppose the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (#NODAPL), drone footage became an important tool documenting the scope of the protest activities as well as the often extreme use of force employed by authorities against protesters. Footage was posted online and the public could follow, often in real time, what was happening on the ground. I watched, shared posts and news on social media, as an attempt to help spread this historical moment.

Eyes in the Sky is made from an uncut narration of a drone operator (Drone2Bwild) and a drone sequence from the Indigenous Environmental Network (sourced from Indigenous Rising Media).

Frédérick A. Belzile lives and works in Montréal. She makes experimental videos introducing narratives of bizarre and impossible events exploring our relation to space(s) and language, myths and popular culture.