Boem BOem

Installation by Philip Vermeulen

The impressive Halle am Berghain will be the site of "Boem BOem", an immersive, playful installation by the young Dutch artist Philip Vermeulen. With the visceral acoustic instrument, the Physical Rhythm Machine (PRM), Vermeulen shoots balls at speeds of up to 150 km/h into large resonant boxes. Because the shots can be fired at precise intervals, the machine can generate intricate rhythmic patterns. Various artists will be invited to create short rhythmic compositions to be brought to life via the momentum of the balls. Alternatively, the machine itself can also create non-metric, free rhythmic structures on its own using pre-programmed algorithms. The PRM visualises violent compositions while resonating the space and the bodies of the audience.

Philip Vermeulen studied in The Hague. Through his work he seeks to discover primary phenomena in all kinds of different media: sound, light, physics, and nature. He builds setups and immersive installations that provoke experiences and question viewers’ senses by transporting them into alternate worlds.


"Boem BOem" at CTM 2018 is kindly supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands.


Opening: Fri 26.1. | 19 - 23h

Runs: Sat 27.1. – Sun 4.2.2018

Hours: tba

Entrance free

Venue: Halle am Berghain