Perera Elsewhere[DE]

London-born, Berlin-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ Sasha Perera launched her solo endeavor, Perera Elsewhere, in 2013. The project has constituted a retreat from club music and a foray into minimal, semi-acoustic, and abstract sonic territories.

Perera first became famous for her role as the songwriter & raging frontwoman of the bass-heavy, mongrel avant-pop band Jahcoozi, which she formed with Robot Koch in the early 2000s. With her Grimetime parties and a radio show that began in 2004, she also helped to establish an infiltration of grime and dubstep in Berlin.

Her first “#doom_folk” tunes as Perera Elsewhere reached the airwaves via the Los Angeles imprint Friends of Friends. These new experiments interwove organic elements, electronic elements, and haunting/soothing vocal passages to communicate dystopian, pop-tinged bliss. Her debut album, Everlast, featured a star-studded lineup of guests – Gonja Sufi showed up on the hypnotic "Giddy"; label-buddy Shlohmo remixed the horror-ballad "Light Bulb"; Hype Williams remixed the cutting, au-courante protest song"Bizarre". All Of This, the second Perera Elsewhere album, was released in June 2017. It saw Perera replace guitars with synthesizers and even incorporate trumpet, the instrument she has in fact played the longest. Using eerie ambient textures, adventurous psychedelic pop, avant-R&B, and experimental folk, it addresses issues such as gated communities, over-consumption, the self-obsessive ego, constant background noise, and the inescapability of contemporary echo chambers.

Perera's DJ sets are known for sparring cerebral bass music with hybrids of post-modern club music. They reflect her own polyrhythmic musical leanings – 2step/ UK garage, dancemania, post-everything-step, dungeon bass, bashment, IDM, footwerk, juke, jungle and DnB and other genres represent, even when Perera herself hasn’t heard of them.


Panorama Bar, Thu 01.02.2018, 23:00

Perera Elsewhere, Jason Hou, Jana Rush, Champion with MC Serious, Hyph11E