LSDXOXO is an NYC-based producer whose twisted takes on everything from R&B and pop to baile funk and ballroom occupy a unique space on the continuum of transgressive club music. Raised in Philadelphia, LSDXOXO found a natural home in the scene that fomented around Venus X's infamous Ghetto Gothik parties—bastions of both new club sounds and radical minoritarian politics. 

He is also affiliated with Qween Beat, Mike Q's New Jersey-based label and collective that both celebrates the legacy of ballroom culture and drives it into the future. “It’s evil, sexy, in-your-face, powerful club music," RBMA Radio wrote, "taking from rap, pop, baile funk, ballroom, industrial, goth and more hardcore techno styles, and boiling them all down into horror movie-esque crashes, soaring pop melodies and irreverent, Internet-centric vocals."

In 2015, LSDXOXO dropped Sacanagem (meaning "filthy" or "lewd" in Portuguese)—a tribute, he told Dazed, to the times both his lifestyle and music have been dubbed as such and the aesthetic equivalent to "crying in a club." It was followed by Fuck Marry Kill, a 2016 mixtape inaugurating Ghetto Gothik's eponymous label. Featuring a sinister remix of Kanye West's "Freestyle 4," it captured the vicissitudes of new club culture—strobing and defiant, digitally rendered in hi-def but still emotional. “Fuck Marry Kill isn't for the faint of heart," LSDXOXO told The FADER. "Fuck Marry Kill is the soundscape to that tumultuous love affair you just can't shake. Once you plug your earbuds in you'll either cry like a bitch, or get your 10s."


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