Gazelle Twin[UK]

Gazelle Twin is the gender and genus-bending sonic project of Elizabeth Bernholz, a composer and producer of uneasy, restless industrial pop from Brighton, England. Her work is concerned with tensions between decaying bodies and healthy minds, between internal worlds and external ones.

In the years since 2011, when her debut album, The Entire City, was released to critical acclaim via Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, Bernholz has dropped a trail of EPs and singles and seen her material remixed by the likes of Scanner, John Foxx and the Maths, and Wrangler (the trio featuring ex-Cabaret Voltaire frontman Stephen Mallinder). Following the release of her Mammal EP in 2013, the 2014 full-length Unflesh rendered explicit some of the themes suggested viscerally in Mammal and found Gazelle Twin morphing into a deeply personal sort of beast. This alter ego was inspired by experiences of alienation and physical discomfort, both as an adolescent bent at awkward angles in a blue middle-school PE uniform, and more recently in a series of invasive medical procedures. "I wanted to shake away that sweeping fog and step into searing, unbearable daylight," she said in an interview with The Wire magazine. "Go feral. Get down to raw elements like blood and soil and milk."

While Unflesh was about turning a body inside out, Bernholz’s new project, a collaboration with British filmmakers Chris Turner and Tash Tung and with two singers, x-rays the outside world. It takes as its subject of criticism the rituals and perils of suburban consumerism and provides a relentless commentary on social and political phenomena prophetically foreseen by J.G. Ballard in his novel Kingdom Come.


HAU2, Fri 03.02.2017, 19:00

Pan Daijing, Gazelle Twin

Xeno III

Berghain, Thu 29.01.2015, 22:00

We Will Fail, Amnesia Scanner, Gazelle Twin, Suicideyear, Evian Christ live, Volte-Face