Errorsmith is the solo project of maverick German producer and software instrument designer Erik Wiegand, whose avant-techno and computer music explores digital sound synthesis futures and their rhythmic possibilities. In live performance, he improvises on self-built digital tools, aiming to achieve the maximum degree of freedom and immediacy using real-time sound synthesis—without relying on static samples.

Wiegand has been active as a producer since the mid-90s, and trained in communication and computer science. In 2011, he partnered with Native Instruments to develop the Razor synthesizer, said to offer cutting-edge sound design with unparalleled dynamics and a precise sound identity suited to tense basses, bristling leads, and shifting, sci-fi soundscapes. Wiegand also operates as MMM—his long-running partnership with Berghain resident Fiedel known for its stripped-back, UK funky-inspired techno ideally suited for DJing—and as Smith n Hack with Soundstream (a.k.a. Soundhack). As a testament to the creative integrity of both his solo and collaborative output, all of Wiegand's records are self-released and distributed primarily through Berlin institution Hard Wax, although in 2014 his collaborative track with pioneering experimental duo Mouse on Mars appeared on their anniversary compilation, 21 Again.

Theta I

Panorama Bar, Thu 29.01.2015, 23:59

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